Top 10 Things Every Business Website Must Have

10 Things Every Business Website Must Have.

This is all about how you can drive sales on your website. These are 10 things every business website must have to drive sales. If you are a small businessman or starting a small business or thinking about starting a small business then we (brandolyfic) have the utmost admiration for you.

Does a small business deserve a website? 

Yes, every small business deserves a website that does something right for them, that makes them money and, what we’re going to be talking about in this article. The most important question is how do I turn visitors to my website into customers? This article will provide you the answer. To develop a good website there are three areas to focus on.

1 Homepage.

It is for sure the first stop that people see when they come to your website, that first stop gives them a good idea about what you do? it’s your sampler menu and you want to make sure that that’s effective.

2 Trust Building Credibility with Customers.

Nobody’s going to want to do business for somebody that they don’t trust that they’re worried is a fly-by-night operation or somebody that’s just trying to trick them on the internet. so trust is important.

3 Generate leads. 

There are some tactics that you can try to create that relationship with your customers because not everybody is ready to buy now but you still want them around you, want to be able to talk with them and interact with them. so let us discuss those 10 things in detail one by one.

1 Clear navigation

You might be thinking like how is navigation going to help drive sales? The reason is that you want to make sure that people never get lost on your website. You want to make sure that it’s always easy to find the things that might be important to them and so most customers and most people start with a very simple website and we recommend that what you’re looking for are five pages so you have a home, about, contact services and testimonials and one of the big reasons why you want to keep that simple?  Why you want to keep that easy for people to find you is because you don’t want them to get lost. your visitors all they have to do is just click the back button all they have to do is close the browser window so when they come here you make it very simple and very easy to find things so they can learn about your business because what you want to do is convert them into customers.

2 Meaningful headlines

These are very important for a business website so when a visitor hits the homepage these headlines explain who you are? And what do you do? headlines are really important and one of the reasons is  important is because we’re all lazy readers we just want to see what it is as quickly as possible

3 “Call to actions”

The other most important thing is “call to action” just like contact us for more info. Put them on the homepage and make sure that that is bold and plenty of space around it so that people understand what you want them to do next and make sure that your call to action is right up there in front. If visitors click on the call to action button that will help direct them into becoming customers too so that you could make more money

4 Relationship of Trust and Credibility.

So on the internet now like over the website you don’t have that opportunity to look somebody in the eye, shake their hand so they know that you mean business so they can trust you so they can see all you are your somebody that I want to do business with and I want to give you my money and I totally want to use your service here and by the awesome things that you create so your story becomes a great opportunity to explain to them exactly who you are and what your vision is.

5 Use the right pictures 

To tell people what you are providing? why are you unique?  why do you have something special to offer to them? So Right pictures are very helpful in telling your story to visitors. you can use short videos as well. it’s going to be a lot easier than writing your story if you can just record yourself talking into the camera.

6 Building credibility with your customers

Gather and publish customer testimonials and this is powerful this has customers talking about how cool you are or how great your service is.  these work in building that trust and credibility on your website and then in helping convert customers you know 63% of visitors to your site that see testimonials are more apt to do business with you they’re more likely to purchase from you when they see that others have had a good experience with you so on your site we publish the testimonials of course. the common question is where do I get testimonials? where can I find testimonials? right and the easiest way to get testimonials are to ask customers what they think about you so if somebody comes into your business or they work with you just ask them how the experience was. Ask them how the service was ask them how your consultative certain and as they give you the answers and you get those good testimonials and people that have had a good experience working with you ask them if you can publish it on your website. at nine times out of ten, there can be more than happy to have you quote them online because it’s kind of like being famous and another way to find testimonials for your website is to sign up for a lot of the free business directories that are online and so there’s a lot of them reviewing websites reviewing businesses customers.

7 Add Badges Logos and Certifications

This is different for all different types of businesses. These are logos that customers trust so when they see that on a website they trust it they know that there’s been a third-party source that has verified that this is good stuff that you that you’re honest that you provide good service because you’ve had to negotiate and get these deals. great logos and badges to put on your website to build trust with your customers now if you are looking for badges logos we can help you.

8 Offer a guarantee 

Remove risk so offer a guarantee and this because you’re working on the Internet and they haven’t met you face to face this is one of those really easy ways to make sure that they know that they can trust you and even better this is a way for you to be proud and confident so if you’re a store online and you’re selling things you’re going to have a return policy right an easy way for them to send something back and get that money in return like you’re making it very safe to do business with you like to think about it.

 9 Lead generation

That’s a fancy way to say hey you’re not ready to buy now but maybe you have some friends, interested in our service or maybe you’ll be ready to buy or do business with us later so you want to take that information and curate keep it and keep those contacts and keep that connection with your potential customers and the easiest way to do that with a website is to gather email addresses. So, you can send newsletter tips and special savings to them.

You can find out how many people open their emails You can find out how many people clicked on the links in those emails and that will tell you whether or not they’re successful you can try different strategies until you do figure out what works so you can keep them in contact and build that network integrating with social media we’re going to talk specifically about Facebook and Twitter these are both really powerful ways to create that network. Not everybody uses email the same way and for a lot of people down they don’t like getting email on this type of stuff. now have a way to communicate with them on Facebook because once they click to like now you can send them messages. They can follow what you’re doing in your business so as you have promotions of you as you have new things that you want to do.

10 Offer something special  

 On your website, you should offer them something unique to your website so what this means is I have a special that I’m offering only on my website so for the month of April. and it will drive sales.  great a coupon promo a special deal buy one get one free can help to boost your product.

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